Waterproof Calcium Silicate Board

Laurel Calcium Silicate Board is white and hard high temperature thermal insulation material based on lightweight calcium silicate with high strength, low thermal conductivity,pressure-resistant characters.It can be used at most different areas of industry as backup insulation. In particular for the construction of industrial furnaces, dryers and apparatuses but also in the cement and petrochemicals industries, it is the classical cost efficient insulating material.

Waterproof calcium silicate board can effectively solve the problem of water absorption of thermal insulation materials, prevent corrosion of equipment and pipelines caused by environmental humidity, improve thermal insulation effect and prevent safety accidents.

Waterproof calcium silicate board is divided into surface waterproof type and full waterproof type: the surface waterproof type is to do waterproof treatment on the surface of the material, and its interior does not have waterproof function; the fully waterproof type material has a complete waterproof effect, and the interior of the material Parts and outer parts likewise have excellent water resistance. 



Waterproof calcium silicate board

Chemical Composition


SiO2≥55; CaO≥36; Al2O3≤0.5; Fe2O3≤0.5

Bulk Density




Flexural Strength




Compressive strength




Max service temperature


Thermal Conductivity




















Linear Shrinkage

(1000 C16hrs)/%



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Calcium silicate insulation boards are used on all kinds of industrial branches to provide high quality insulating backing.
In kiln system, the insulation board is not exposed to the fire. So the requirement to the insulation material is different from
refractory material. Very high use temperature , very high thermal shock resistance and very high mechanical strength are the requirement to refractory material which touch the fire directly. But these items are not important to insulation material. The necessary technical properties for insulation material as following:
Low thermal conductivity.
Low bulk density.
Gas resistance(CO,NH3,H2 and CH4)
Easy cut and installation.
Calcium silicate can meet all above requirement and replace other insulation material, it is becoming dominant on insulation of industrial kiln.

Cement industry: preheaters and cyclone separators, decomposition kiln, tertiary air duct and cooler.
Nonferrous metals industry: aluminum power calciner and electrolysis groove.
Petrochemical industry: Splitting furnace, catalytic cracking furnace, petroleum pipeline , underground heat-flooding.
Metallurgical industry(steel plant): hot-rolling heat furnace, cool-rolling mill set, RH vacuum degassing furnace, smelters, hot deformation and heat treatment plants.
Power plants :preheat stove, pipe.
Glass industry: melting furnace and recuperater , annealing furnace and cooling channels.
Ceramic industry : chamber and tunnel furnace.